Our Mission

Providing Affordable Housing by Offering a Hand Up and Not a Hand Out

Our Vision

Our Vision for Real Estate Investing

We believe that every American should have the opportunity to get onto the Real Estate Ladder, which is the world's most proven creator of wealth.

In a world with greater wealth inequality than ever before, we are looking for a way to help bridge this gap with conscious investing.

If you have made money in this society, you are probably also interested in serving this society by investing well.

We believe in a world where those who have money to invest can find investments they are proud of having because of the difference they are making in someone's life.


Our Story

Our Journey to Real Estate Investment Success


Purchased First Investment property

The founder of Eagles Point Investments purchased a duplex as for his first investment property in Denver, CO.


32 Unit Acquisition

Acquired a 32 unit apartment building and converted to a condo building and sold individually.



 Eagles Point Investments Founded

Eagles Point Investment was founded and named after eagles nesting above the founders home in the mountains of Colorado.


 Expands to Colorado Springs Market

Developed fourplex strategy and began property acquisition for land development


 Expands to Kansas City market

Began property acquisition with a local team on the ground to support operations. 



 Affordable Housing Solutions

We are in acqusition phase to purchase properties with multi-family zoning to scrape and build fourplex town homes. We are utilizing modular construction with lower costs, thus creating affordable town home solutions.



Meet Our Leaders


Jerry Minney
CEO & Founder

Started investing in real estate in 1985 while still working full time purchasing rentals, managing them myself. Colorado Brokers license in 1993 and continued in the real estate industry as an investor, Realtor, land developer and construction management. Purchased, developed, remodeled over 200 properties valued at over 30 million and brokered over 200 million in transactions. Built a property management company and sold in 2009.

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Desmond Dixon
Head of Operations

Bringing forth a proven track record of working collaboratively with sales teams to achieve goals, increase revenue gains, and advance the sales cycle of the company. A concrete ability to manage all aspects of a sale from start to finish without supervision. Adept at assessing client drive and implementing programs that best foster that drive. Experience in developing and overseeing campaigns that successfully meet client needs and goals.


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Raechelle Minney
Investors Relationship

Raechelle an experienced advisor, is known for educating and supporting investors as they develop strategic plans for the future. Her core values focus on building fulfillment and financial freedom for those that want it.These values allow her to focus on creating the best client experience while staying committed to growth in the business. My top priority is to be the number one point of contact for our investors, with whom I facilitate quarterly reviews.

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Our Local Team

Trustworthy and Ready to Help

Lori Moon

Kanzas City Broker

Eagles Point Investment

Riggs, Abney

Legal Firm Attorney

Eagles Point Investment

Juan Martinez

General Contractor

Eagles Point Investment

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